What comes to your mind when you think about Dubai? Magnificent skyscrapers, breath taking sightseeing and lustrous city with various sources of entertainment, this is what comes to your mind. You’re not the only one, since most of the people out there have this impression of Dubai city. 

Along with all of these luxuries, there is another side of the city that is worth exploring; Desert. The vast boundaries of Arabian desert spread along the city of Dubai, luring tourists from around the world. 

In this desert, you experience the Bedouin culture along with pandering in the activities such as sheesha, camel ride Dubai BBQ buffets and much more. You get an insight on the way Arabs used to live their life back in the old days. 

Desert Safaris 

Desert safaris are a great way to experience the rich Arabic culture. From the scarce forests of Mushrif park to the seamless stretch of high dunes, exploring desert is an experience worth traveling for. Apart from the sceneries that you see, there are many exhilarating adventures you can be a part of.

Some of the thrilling desert adventures are as follow; 

Hot Air Balloon

It high-time that you had a bird’s eye view of the long stretches of desert. Imagine being 4,000 ft in the sky with your loved one. The mesmerizing view of the desert from that height is something near to extraordinary. As you soar above the clouds, take memorable pictures of the view and yourself. 

You are accompanied by a hot air balloon expert, who makes this ride completely safe for you to enjoy. If you’re lucky enough, you might catch the sight of Arabian Gazelles and camels while they are roaming on the ground. 

Buggy Riding 

If you want to share the adventurous experience of desert with your family or friends, then Buggy riding is exactly what you need. It is a 4X4 vehicle, open from the sides. It can accommodate four passengers along with one driver. 

Going on a buggy ride is going to guarantee you and your loved one lots of thrill as you mount over the towering red dune desert safari Dubai of the Arabian desert. Stop for a photograph on the highest peak you can find. Stop for a while to absorb and enjoy the serenity of desert. 

Dune Bashing 

Everyone loves off-roading but not everyone can sit through the advance level of off-roading that goes by the name of dune bashing. It is one of the Arabian classics in which you are seated in a group of 6 under the supervision of safari licensed professional. 

You move through the tall dunes of desert in high-speed, spraying the sand in the air. Driver makes sudden turns throughout the trip to add the much-needed kick in the trip. It is a ride that can be a good substitution to roller coaster. 

Desert safari Dubai is perfect for the adrenaline junkies visiting UAE. It is an action-packed journey which you’re bound to fall in love.