La Mer, the latest one of Dubai’s exclusive beachfront, is where folks visit when they wish to enjoy some trendy beach time. The existence of numerous excellent dining and shopping choices only makes La Mer Dubai, the perfect place for a protracted trip. Whether you would like to laze away the day or try your hand at surfing, or if you would like to store or possess some waterpark fun, La Mer is your place for this. Come together, and we are going to take you on an exploration of La Mer, Dubai’s trendiest beachfront paradise!


About La Mer Dubai

La Mer is situated between Pearl Jumeirah and Jumeirah Bay, spanning a huge distance of 1.24 million square meters. La Mer includes two upscale residential areas — The North Island and The South Island. These areas include exclusive beachfront villas. The most important fun zones would be The Beach and The Entertainment Hub. The Beach is a long, long stretch of yummy turquoise blue waters and sugar-fine sands.


The Entertainment heart is where you will get the most fun; there is a surf park, a trampoline park, a waterpark, a theater, and a fitness center. If which weren’t enough, there are a range of cafes, restaurants, and stores — roughly 130 institutions whatsoever. There is only one thing that springs to mind — you will need a few days to love and enjoy La Mer completely!


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Tasks at La Mer Beach — The Limitless Fun You’ve Got!

There is no limit to the fun you’ll get at La Mer. Whatever be your age or disposition, La Mer gets the perfect activity for you. 


Beach Fun

In regards to the items to do in La Mer Dubai, it is the Beach that comes to mind. Imagine the wind on your hair, sand in your feet, and also the spread of blue facing you. You will find comfy private cabanas in Sea Breeze for lounging with a book, and a good deal of beach sports and water play for busy fun. 


Regular Water-sports

Whether you are in the North Beach or The South Beach — you may enjoy lots of water-sports. There are lots of rentals offering the gear you want. 


Motorized Water-sports 

There are loads of rentals, which means you don’t need to be worried about where to acquire the costly gear. Additionally, if you have never played any of those motorized sports on offer, you can acquire training lessons in The North Beach too. 


Laguna Water Park

For children and people who enjoy water rides, Laguna Water Park is just the ticket. The star attraction of Laguna Water Park is your WaveOz 180, the Supreme Surf Machine. There are just three 180-degree surf simulators on the planet, which is one of these. On this, enormous waves crash in the wave simulator that has 187 ft, wall to wall. It is a sea-facing Surf Machine, and you will feel as though you’re surfing on the authentic sea, on a blessed day once the pipes are large. Laguna Water Park also includes many different rides to make children contented. 


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Hawa Hawa

There is one of them in Japan; La Mer gets the second. There are just two seven and desert peaks, all made from a tensile membrane, which lets you bounce on it. It is an activity that is fun for children and grownups. There is a weight limitation though — you can’t be over 99 kgs to appreciate rebounding at Hawa Hawa.


Dubai’s Latest Foodie Paradise – La Mer

Whether you are having fun in the South Beach or in The North Beach — once you begin searching for something hot, then you do not need to move far. La Mer has over 50 restaurants and restaurants, serving everything from hot Indian curries into the freshest fish.


If you are craving hot Indian with a spin, head to MASTI, meaning ‘mischief’ in Hindi, try out the quirk things available — paneer lasagne, butter chicken pizza — it is fun all the way in this trendy lounge and pub. Feel like hammering some fish and yanking the yummy inside? You can do this at Aprons & Hammers, a fish restaurant where you purchase a spoonful of shellfish, wear an apron, and receive blasting. Together with 50 places to eat, you will be spoilt for choice in La Mer.


A Shopper’s Beachfront Haven

La Mer would not be perfect when there was not any place to store! But this perfect beachfront harbor has a treasure trove of high street brand shops, cozy boutiques, along with other concept shops. If you’re searching for trendy kaftans and swimwear, check out Hamac. You may even get a cool inflatable, something shaped like a lemon, possibly? And, for ladies, there is a Sephora socket here just in case someone forgot to package their cosmetics pouch.


Do not forget a trip to the Beach Bunny, the global feeling when it regards adorned bikinis. Just like your own sanity? Pick up some fitting eye-wear and a few outstanding flea products. If you prefer trendy streetwear, visit LA Rags, a Southern California brand. For the ones that adore their unisex clothes, Via Rodeo is a top-notch boutique full of edgy LA style, by independent designers.


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La Mer — An Art-lover’s Delight

If you like art, then you will never need to leave La Mer. The walls are covered with heavenly graffiti and funny murals, which are a treat to view. The pictures vary from camels walking from the desert to multicolored candy, also funny faces, plus even more. The art is vibrant, modern, minimalist, and perfect for a sea-facing area. Talking of willful modern artwork, do take a look at The Wharf while you are there. Here you will get an overwhelming quantity of steel products, wooden barrels, broken sockets, and drained drums organized within a randomly-artistic way. The Wharf seems like it is something out of the future, and completely accidental and a little out of place in this trendy place, but it works differently.