Early Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Mornings either make your day or break your day.

When in Dubai, it is highly likely that your mornings are going to be full of sunshine and beautiful sceneries. It is no wonder that Dubai provides ample avenues for its citizens to marvel upon and enjoy during their stay.


The travelers visiting this emirate of UAE are bound to enjoy the splendid corners of the city with historical as well as modern day entertainment.

Another way of turning your ordinary trip into one of the best trips of your life is spending a day, rumbling in the high dunes of the desert. These thrilling rides surely makeup your trip.

That is the beautiful thing about this tour; you get the adventure along with amazing sceneries to cherish. If this is not tempting enough for you, then don’t worry because there is so much for you to enjoy.

Things to Enjoy in Early Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Before we get into the world of desert with so much to enjoy, let us get something out of the way.

Regardless of the fact, that you are a morning person or not, waking up early in the morning for this tour is totally worth it.

For starters, imagine the fresh air as you open your eyes in the newly born rays of the sun. Picture the scenery in your mind that the exotic landscape of the desert will have with the golden light of the sun.

Sounds unbelievable, right?

Now, let’s get into the adventures and amazing things you will get to enjoy in the Arabian Desert.

Rousing Dune Smashing

An off-roading experience in high-speed with proper safety precautions, is what you’re in for!

You can’t possible imagine the thrill that you feel when you climb and down the high dunes. This irregular motion is nothing that you have had a taste of, before. This once in a lifetime experience makes you go through all kind of emotions.

Sandboarding and Quad Biking

Arabs know how to have fun in their desert gift.

A face of that fun can be seen through gliding down the top of the dunes right at the bottom of the sand dune. If you think, that is not exhilarating, and then let us tell you that it is similar to ice-skating but this time it is going to be sand instead of the ice.

Quad Biking during your early morning desert safari Dubai is another aspect of the journey you are going to go on in the desert. These two are some of the most convenient way of having fun.

Early Morning Desert Safari Entertainment in Dubai

Dubai desert is not all about the desert activities; it is filled with in-camp entertainment, which exhibit culture and Arabic tradition.

As you enter into the traditionally decorated camps, you see the floor occupied by Arabic carpets and floor cushions.

Don’t worry, the camps are air-conditioned.

As you head back into the camps, you are going to be served with Arabic traditional tea where you can take pictures with your friends and make the most of your tour.

Camel Ride Dubai

You can’t possibly miss the exciting camel ride if you visit Dubai and especially in the desert.

These giant but cute animals have been a part of Arabic world for a long time which makes it obvious why these dromedaries hold such great importance in their lives.

The perched view from the top of the camel is something extraordinary. The bumpy ride is enjoyable among the kids as well as adults.

To be fair,

Early morning desert safari Dubai, is nothing short of a roller coaster ride, that everyone has to experience once in their lifetime.