Whilst walking throughout Dubai Mall, among the biggest shopping malls in the world, a feeling of blue lighting will attract eyes onto it. An intriguing world of underwater species expects there. The same as the huge, boundless ocean hides many secrets inside itself, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo have lots of surprises that need to be researched on end.


Aside from being among the favorite attractions in Dubai, there’s another less-known truth about the aquarium. Its home too many species that are on the edge of extinction. This notion of conservation provides a sublime picture.


The aquarium

The aquarium could be seen as you proceed across the Earth amount of Dubai Mall. It’s among the biggest suspended aquariums in the world. Sharks and Rays are the primary attractions of the group, although the aquarium takes pride in getting the greatest collection of sand tiger sharks in the world.


The 48-meter aquarium tube recreates an open ocean with perfect detail. Stroll through the tube to acquire a 270-degree opinion of this aquarium 11 meters under the surface of the tank.


Underwater Zoo

It’s the meeting point of land and the ocean. This tough environment is specially created for its Humboldt Penguins and Spider Crabs. Meet and greet the Humboldt Penguins, the adorable and lively creatures with black circles of feathers in their torso. You can’t prevent yourself by touching them.


Rainforest Region

It’s the house of freshwater animals who reside around a lake bed.

It’s comparable to the true sea. Sea Dragons, Sea Jellies, and mortal fish will be swimming throughout the living ocean.



VRZOO is still another miracle at Dubai Mall Aquarium. Get intimate with those creatures by completely immersing yourself in the travel. It provides a 360-degree perspective of animals in various countries, such as Uganda, South Africa, Maldives, and Egypt. You might also have a glimpse into the underwater habitat.

Water experience

Dubai is just another name for experience. The town provides many interesting items in indoor areas to find respite from the summertime. Thus, don’t be afraid to step out from scorching heat. Dive in the water and peep into a marine lifestyle.


People who are unable to make their minds up to float together with the predators and fish can decide on this secure yet beautiful activity. Place snorkeling equipment, enter the crate and gaze upon the countless aquatic animals. The most amount of folks who may share this adventure is 4.


Shark dip

Yeah, this one is to get its actual thrill-seekers. Dive to the 10-million liter tank and float together with the sharks. Both inexperienced and experienced sailors can try out this experience. Admire the broad group of sand tiger sharks. A diver or teacher will accompany you during the auction. Non-professional drivers may appreciate it after finishing a brief course in stirring.


Scuba dive

Dubai aquarium would be the ideal place for novices to try out scuba diving. It’s possible to practice the skills together with the teacher in a cage and then proceed to the massive tank. Know how it seems when we breathe underwater. The animals will proceed around you in close quarters.


Glass-bottom boat riding

Get in the ship, and see the vibrant fish bending below your toes. The ship has a glass coating, which permits you to see the creatures with no hindrance. It’s a group activity, and it satisfies those who would like to have fun with a bunch. A maximum of 10 people may sail a ship.



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Brave encounters

The courageous encounters when you step right into it, then you have

An array of experiences to attempt. The only issue is that in the event that you dare to do it or not. Take a look at the highlights from the aquarium and select the one that suits you.


Shark experience

While the experience with sharks may provide you chills in actual life, try it securely within the underwater zoo. It’s a rare opportunity to come face-to-face using those notorious predators. See them in a closet space during the feeding period. The divers will feed the sharks facing you, along with the creatures, will consume the food at a frenzy.


Individuals without a diving experience may also get involved in this action. It’s likewise excellent know-how where you acquire knowledge about the best way best to feed sharks, take good care of their young and ill ones. Inexperienced divers may also indulge in this experience.


The experience begins with an educational video and briefing with an expert diver. Folks might need to enter a cage, and the cage is going to be immersed in the water. Some little fish are likely to make their way to the crate and float around you. Following the 30-minute dip, individuals are required for a trip into the back-of-the-house facilities offering advice about shark breeding.


King Croc encounter

Being the biggest animals in the world, it weighs about 750 kg. His weight is equivalent to a 14 and a half mature guys. He’s got a span of five meters. This saltwater crocodile gets the maximum bite force, one of all animals. He’s more than 40 years old and will grow much larger in the next 50 decades. King Croc resides in a secure environment to make certain the frightening and strong reptile has a secure life.


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Ray experience

It’s a great opportunity to hand-feed a few Rays. These creatures found at the ocean are safe and gentle to feed. They’ll arrive at the surface of the water as you feed fish.


Birthday celebration in the sea

When it’s the birthday of your child, you’ll be busy considering a present which will make him most joyful. The very best thing about children is they are in love with all creatures in this world. Thus, take these pesky small ones to Dubai Aquarium in their big moment.


The underwater world is going to be bliss for inquisitive kids. It’ll be the best celebration of their lifetime. The underwater celebration is going to be a joy for the kids in addition to adults.


Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo isn’t only a place to spend some time on your vacation. It’s an exceptional indoor atmosphere that provides you an insight into the unbelievable marine life. It reminds everybody about the need for shielding the creatures in the world when permitting you to see an unseen measurement of an aquatic lifestyle.



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