One experience that lets you understand the soul and heart of the city is Dubai desert safari.

It’s a classic adventure that allows you to admire the extremely beautiful landscape along with lavish dose of ancient Bedouin culture. Witness the charm of the Arabian Desert in a unique way on the back of a camel, in 4X4 SUV or on a quad bike.

The desert in Dubai is an enormous land that is filled with diverse wildlife and huge sandy hills. You’ll find magical scenery on every other turn you make.

If you already feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins, imagine how it would feel when you’re physically there.

To help you get the excitement rolling,

let’s give you an insight on all that you could do in a desert safari Dubai,

Dubai’s Desert Landscape

The land is not all about sandy hills and sand accumulated on the surface but it holds strangely gorgeous flora and fauna. It offers you an absolutely amazing way of enjoying natural raw beauty.

If you choose to travel to the desert in the daylight, try to reach at the highest peak before sunrise. As the sun rises above its horizon, you’ll see a jaw-dropping view that seems heavenly. You can click several pictures before it disappears.

Desert safari is an authentic experience that will forever have an impression in your memories. It really gives you an entirely different kind of adventure to fill your heart with, keeping in mind the luxurious side of Dubai.

Some of the major sources of entertainment in desert for you are going to be;

Dune Bashing

It is a thrilling ride through the high dunes of Arabian desert that never disappoint you.

A safari licensed professional driver is going to take you on a marvelous journey in a 4X4 SUV Toyota Land Cruiser. With every sudden turn the driver makes, you’ll feel your heart beat racing but don’t worry as these drivers are experienced and well-trained.


The vehicles they use are equipped with safety features so there is nothing to worry about.

Cultural Practice

The morning desert safari will also include a camp site where you can go after you’ve enjoyed all the adventures of desert, these include;

Sand Boarding

It is a unique sport that allows you to glide down the tall sand dunes that are 200-300 meters high. It’s a ravishing experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Henna Painting

In the camp sites, several henna painting sessions go on where the ladies decorate their hand with different patterns.

Picture with Falcon

You will get the chance to take pictures with the national bird of UAE; Falcon. Capture mesmerizing photos of yourself with this majestic bird for collection to put in your travel diaries.


Another dose of adrenaline for the thrill-seekers out there is the quad-biking session.

A day in the desert safari is going to be the highlight of your Dubai city tour.