Desert Safari Dubai – Morning Desert Safari – Red Dune Desert Safari – Overnight Desert Safari

Dubai is a city packed with surprises and wondrous things to do. 

This glorious city is incomparable from every perspective. Be it the adventurous spots or the historical aspects of the city. It’s no wonder that Dubai is one of the hottest destinations in the world, figuratively as well literally.

Inside this already heat bursting city, lies the warmer Arabian desert that is loved by the tourists around the world.

Did you know?

Dubai is the most populated emirate of the United Arab Emirates. The population of Dubai is approximately 2,262,000 and it is only second to Abu Dhabi in terms of the area it covers.

How is Dubai as a City?

It is a wise move to learn about a city before traveling to one.

Let’s discuss a bit about of geography of Dubai. 

This marvelous city is located along the Persian Gulf right within the realms of Arabian Desert. It is a phenomenal city that features breathtaking architectures and is a hub for business for investors around the world.

Dubai is adored by the tourists globally owing to the welcoming nature of Arabs. Constructions projects such as the artificial archipelago Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa, label it as a theatrical city.

A sneak peek into the history of Dubai

This city was not always the pioneer of tourism. 

Instead, the Bedouin used to live in the villages until the discovery of oil forced them to turn their heads towards the cities in search of better lifestyle.


Dubai has outgrown itself. It’s economy not only lies in oil production but it is boosted by trading and financial services as well. The major contributor to Dubai’s economy is real estate, which is equally influencing the tourism factor in Dubai.

Desert – Heart of the City 

To lay out the truth, desert is one of the biggest reasons why millions of tourists travel to this part of the world. The high dunes that cover the rocky land make it an exciting place to visit.

The mountainous dunes of Arabian desert are a pleasure to spend your time. Even though the air you breathe is a bit warmer than you would expect, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying every second you spend there.

Based on the timings that are available for the desert tour, you have the choice to choose between two desert safaris;

Morning Desert Safari Dubai is best opted by the travelers who are too busy to take out time in the evening. An added advantage of waking up early in the morning is catching a glimpse of breathtaking sunrise.


Overnight Desert Safari Dubai has its own set of particulars and fun things for your trip. It is perfect for couples who are looking to spend quality time in the desert. 

A Desert Journey

A voyage that will leave you with lifelong memories to cherish.  

Your pleasant red dune desert safari Dubai journey starts right at your doorstep. From there onwards, you are prepared for an exciting session of dune smashing. It is an electrifying journey that lets you enjoy most of the desert land adventures such dune driving, sand boarding, quad biking and much more.

Tip : It would not be wise for you to go for morning desert safari if you are not a morning person. 

An added advantage of morning desert safari is viewing the stunning sunrise with your loved one or partner. The first rays of sunshine are going to set your mood for the rest of the day.

Bedouin Camp Arrangements 

Outdoor activities are an enthralling experience.

But wait there’s more, 

Bedouin-style camps hold mesmerizing activities to add fun to your tour. You are bound to enjoy the indoor shows as well as the lip-smacking BBQ buffet. Indoor extravagances include; breathtaking fire show, exotic belly dance performance, Tanura Entertainment and much more.

It’s no wonder that these performers know how to put on a show. Their high energy lights up the atmosphere and makes the tour worthwhile.

Remember, the kind of desert activities you can enjoy are restricted to your tour operator. So, make sure you choose your tour operator prudently.

Some of the most reliable tour operators include; Arabian Adventure, Platinum Heritage and Best Dubai Trip.